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The Association of Diploma Schools of Professional Nursing was established in 1971 to bring together and form a common bond among the hospital-based schools of professional nursing located throughout the State of New Jersey.

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All NJ diploma schools are eligible for membership. Individuals interested in contributing towards the purposes of the organization may also become members. More info »

Letter from the President

Welcome to the Association of Diploma Schools of Professional Nursing (ADSPN) website.  The Association is comprised of both school and individual memberships. School membership is limited to the diploma schools of nursing in New Jersey. However individual membership is open to anyone interested in the purposes of the Association including nursing faculty from all levels of nursing education. ADSPN supports multiple levels of entry into professional nursing practice, but promotes continued education to the BSN, advanced practice and graduate degrees.  As such, we are actively involved in the New Jersey initiative and New Jersey Action Coalition to transform nursing education and advance the practice of nursing. ADSPN is also active in the New Jersey Board of Nursing, where educational and practice regulations are developed.

As members of ADSPN, faculty are invited to attend the Association’s educational workshops at a reduced cost. Additionally, individual members are eligible to apply for scholarships to advance their education. ADSPN offer 5 generous scholarships: 2 for diploma school students; 2 for RN to BSN graduates of diploma programs and 1 for faculty for advancing education or educational pursuits. General membership meetings also provide a venue for networking and sharing ideas for addressing the Institute of Medicine’s Report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. I encourage you to become an active member of ADSPN.

Shirley Richardson, RN, MSN, EdD(c)

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