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About Us

The Association of Diploma Schools of Professional Nursing was established in 1971 to bring together the growing number of hospital-based schools of professional nursing located throughout the State of New Jersey and to form a common bond in addressing quality educational preparation for the practice of professional nursing. Since the inception of the Association, our Member Schools have made a significant contribution to shaping the profession of nursing, graduating more than 25,000 qualified practitioners sensitive to the health care needs of the diverse communities of the State of New Jersey.

Our diploma schools of nursing and their sponsoring medical centers are mutually supportive of each other’s goals and missions. While located throughout the State of New Jersey, the majority of diploma schools of nursing are situated in cities/urban areas. The schools of nursing also contribute to meeting the socio-economic needs of the community by providing a low-cost, educational program leading to a well-respected career. By doing so, diploma schools are able to serve a large segment of the community that would otherwise be unable to obtain professional nursing education. Many of our graduates remain in the community and are employed either by the sponsoring medical center, with cost-efficient, reduced new employee orientation schedules, or in a myriad of other health care agencies.

Our Commitment

The Association of Diploma Schools of Professional Nursing is committed to:

  • Supporting all levels of nursing education and practice in the State of New Jersey.
  • Providing access to a cost-effective, high-standard nursing education that accommodates employment and family demands.
  • Accessing a culturally diverse population to promote employment and leadership in inner city and urban communities.
  • Producing graduates who are decision makers and consumer advocates in the midst of the managed care environment.
  • Providing scholarships to students and faculty.